Body Building Shirt Sponsorship Program Info

Welcome to the shirt sponsorship micro-site. Prior approval is required, and you will need to enter the password that was provided in your access email. Please complete every aspect of this process to order your event shirts – failure to do so may prevent you from receiving them before your event, if not all together.

Terms and Conditions of Sponsorship

Shirts: The standard event shirt is the white Gildan 2000 printed with a two color full front design and one color back. It’s required to have the logo on the upper back and optional to include your other sponsor’s logo beneath.

Access code: Your access code reflects the dollar amount you have been approved for. If your order exceeds that amount or you want to upgrade your shirt color or brand, you will be responsible for the difference and will be required to pay with a credit card. Please note however, that you will still be receiving’s corporate discount for any overages you incur.

Production Timeline: 15 business days (minimum)

  • Day 1-5: Back and forth communication about artwork
  • Day 6: Event coordinator (that’s you) gets artwork sign off from
  • Day 7-15: Shadows’ purchasing, production, and packaging
  • Day 15: Shadows ships order to specified location
  • Day 15: Event coordinator checks the freight estimator for an estimated delivery date

Communication: Your event coordinator must be a person we can contact (and be available) for any questions that might arise. We will send an art proof when we have a good working draft. You can make changes as you see fit, but the final art proof must be shared (through ProofStuff) with for final approval.

Shipping: will ship your order (free of charge) using UPS ground from Boise, Idaho. Plan ahead and look at the freight estimator to identify what your order arrival date is. If UPS ground cannot get your shipment delivered in time, you can choose other priority shipping options through FedEx, but you will be responsible for the cost.

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